Goddess Born

This page will be telling you all about my newest WIP. The working title is Goddess Born. Although I think that I enjoy writing this character so much that I may very well turn this into a series. And Goddess Born sounds more like a series title anyway. I’ll keep this page updated as I get closer to being done and (hopefully) published. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Livvarden.

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I’m pretty sure that the title _Goddess Born_ puts you in a fantasy mood. It has a medieval “ish” fantasy setting. Kings and queens. Duty and honor. Rebellion. Religion. And Magic.  Even elves. And once upon a time…dragons.

My main character is a princess. Sort of. She will eventually ascend and become a Goddess. But when I first thought up this character, she was simply a princess. She has red-gold hair, a fiery spirit and precognitive abilities. The biggest problem she faces at the outset of my novel is that she believes she’s a coward. Her family has more or less come to ruin. Her name is Alanna.


This is an image that closely resembles how I imagine Alanna looks. As I said. She is sort of a princess. She is also a priestess and a rogue. Eventually. She goes where she must and where she wants with her abilities.

Then there are Devea and Divi. Twin priestesses who belong to different goddesses and both want to control Alanna and the power she possesses. And they both try to bend her to their own wills in different ways.

Lord Ronan Kemp is a  young widower, weapons master, and former Captain in the Kings Army. Before it was disbanded. He’s also a bastard, though he’s been Legitimized by his father and stands to inherit his father’s title and lands.

Princess Alanna is set to inherit a poor kingdom, when it’s invaded by Priestess Divi. Alanna goes on the run to look for help with her “Nanna” who has raised her. But Nanna has a secret, she’s not who she says she is. On the way they run into Lord Kemp, who decides to help them on their journey. Meanwhile Divi’s plans for the kingdom are crumbling about her. And there is someone who influenced Divi in the first place, what kind of ruin will he bring to the kingdom?

Honestly, I don’t know. Writing this story I had a very sketchy plan and it has sort of written itself. But the more I learn about my characters, the more I enjoy them. I really enjoy writing about Divi.

I’ll be adding some of my world building material here. And because I’m really proud of it. Here’s the map that I drew.


Just for fun. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter One as it stands so far.

Dusting herself off, Alanna fumed. Oh Nanna was going to have a fit anyways. The state of her dress! So much for being able to care for herself. And within the castle grounds too! Technically, the lands belonged to her parents, but she was the only heir, and the land may as well be hers. There should not have been any traps within the walls. And yet this wasn’t the first she’d come upon.

 Those peasants were growing far too bold. Yet, there wasn’t much she could do. She sighed as she led Comet up the path, keeping a wary eye out for anything else in the woods that shouldn’t be there.  Many of those peasants were once members of the royal household. So many have been let go because they couldn’t afford to pay them.

The tax collectors would go out and never come back. It’d been like that for several years. She believed that they were getting robbed. But even when they increased the armed guard with the tax collector they never returned. With each passing year their coffers dwindled. And it put more pressure on her.

Father and mother didn’t like to talk about it in front of her, but she had heard them whispering. She needed to marry well. The kingdom was large and that was the only bargaining chip they had.

Alanna didn’t know if they sent off betrothal letters yet. They probably should. It didn’t matter that she only had 13 summers. Why her parents had married at only 14 summers after being betrothed since birth.

She could certainly save her kingdom by marriage to a richer one. She’d never had any doubts about her future. All the stories showed that if you followed your heart you would surely be ruined. The only way to survive as a royal is to harden your heart and do your duty.