About an Author

I am a woman, currently residing in southern Georgia, who enjoys finding the fantastic in the ordinary. I, like many authors, have never really given up that childlike game of make-believe. I love thinking “what if” this or that changed. What if there was a place…What if I could really become published?

Aside from that, I have Bachelors Degrees in English and Philosophy. I enjoy, besides writing, reading, housework (on occasion), listening to music, and helping people. Writing, however, is my true love and without it I have found my life to be ever so dull.

As an update, I have recently been accepted to grad school for my MLIS, I figure if I’m not going to make a living writing books, as I would love to, I can at least spend m life around them.

Blogging helps, in that even if I’m not pursing my writing as a “career” I’m still writing.  To help, I’m setting up a schedule. For now, I’ll be blogging 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Also I’ll write an update of writing projects the last day of every month.

8 responses to “About an Author

  1. Hey… I’m guessing, since you have a public blog now, that you don’t mind me adding you to my blog roll, neh? Or of being associated with that other writing Watkins?

    Join Me, and together, we shall rule the writing galaxy as Brother and Sister.

  2. Whoa, it killed my faux-html Lord Vader tags! Lame!

    • Sorry. 😦 I would have liked to see those. I’m still getting used to this blogging thing, obviously since I’ve only put out 2 blogs. I’m also learning what I can about wordpress, and what I can/not do. 🙂

      • Well, you know you can use html in comments – and you know what some basic html looks like, right? My most commonly used one is the italics (like [i] and [/i] except with a to replace the square brackets, just in case you aren’t already familiar with html code).

        My “vader” tags were :

        [insert Vader-like heavy breathing]yadda yadda rule the galaxy yadda yadda[/vader].

      • Let me clarify my last comment since apparently the html editor on wordpress always erases a “” sign… that’s a less-than sign and a greater-than sign.

        I believe you have the power to “edit” comments, even those of other people, who comment on your blog. If you click the edit button, you should see the full, raw html of the comment.

        (This proves useful when someone messes up the html in their comment, and then suddenly you whole page goes italics or underlines or something… so you can go in, find where they didn’t close the html tag properly, and fix it.)

  3. FYI… so my name links to my own blog… You should check out the blogs of some of the other writers on my blogroll/link list. I’ve got it divided between the blogs/sites of published writers (who often share writing advice) and fellow aspiring writers (i.e. “Travelers on the Journey”). One of the best benefits of having a writers blog, I’ve found, is the opportunity to connect with and network with other writers. My Travelers on the Journey list is mostly a group of writers with whom I’ve developed a relationship over the last year-and-a-half, and they are almost all great, interesting people, and good writers as well.

    • I’m getting to know wordpress.com and since I spend rather limited amounts of time online (about 2 hours a day although I have recently increased that time) so I haven’t looked around as much as I would have liked. I only just found out how to add to the blog roll. Day by day, though, I’m getting better at this thing.

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