Planning Your Book When You’ve Already Started Writing

On Monday I published a blog about an author, Rachel Arron (AKA Rachel Bach).  And I’ve been applying her ideas for writing quickly. So instead of writing this organically, I’ve stopped the writing part of the writing and started the “Well now what?” part.

I’ve done much more world building than I’ve ever done before. I even drew a MAP. Complete with Marshes, forests, mountains, hills, rivers, lakes. No roads. Yet. I named countries I’ll probably never see (in this work at least). And it was so much FUN.

When I started this. I didn’t have a name for my world. I do now. Or the countries where it took place. Which I also now have. Not only did I draw the map, I added a table. My world is called Livvarden. The table has the country, what it is known for, it’s capital and major cities.


Image result for map

not really my map lol. If you want to see my map go to my Goddess Born page.


Between the table, map and taking care of the house and children, I spent almost two whole days on this. Yesterday, I named my god/desses (also have a table for them). Today, I’m naming some extra characters (more tables). I’m enjoying all of this, and why didn’t I think of it before?

But all this naming and hashing things out I’m avoiding one thing. The Plot. Probably the biggest part of any book. Rachel Arron makes a list of major scenes. And I started that list then it just…stopped. Right where I had stopped the novel itself.

I’m more or less stuck at this point and can’t seem to connect point “D” (somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 way through) to point “Z” (the ending).

Well, I’ve pretty much covered this step of her writing process. In the next step she fleshes out the plot. And before she starts writing, she’s more or less written the entire novel. no dialogue, but she has this happens which causes this and person a feels like this. I’m thinking, if I skip ahead to this step of the process, I might be able to continue. Then, theoretically, the rest of the actual writing will be a breeze

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.


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