A DIY Medieval Wedding on a Budget

Technically, I created this to be  a writing blog. However, I haven’t had much time to write recently, and I don’t see much time for writing in the near future due to personal matters. We have decided on a Medieval theme.

I decided to take May off of work and school so that I could really get down to planning my wedding. I wanted to have a venue by the end of this week. And I have one! Wedding and reception venue in one for convenience. We were originally going to marry in October, aiming to have the wedding around his fall break, but that won’t happen for a couple of reasons: fall break was cancelled, so the date was arbitrary; our 11 year anniversary is September 22, and the venue was open then, not in October. Since the rental for the venue is from noon Friday to noon Sunday (non negotiable), we will be married Saturday September 21.

The venue is about as “medieval” as we’re going to get in south Georgia. The chapel has an old feeling, as well as it should since it was built in the early 1800s. It has medieval-esque lamps hanging from the ceiling and stained glass windows. While we originally wanted an outdoor venue, the chapel is fully accessible for my groom, while the outdoors have a kind of rolling, hilly quality.

Some of our wedding is going to be d-i-y to save money, and because we’re both pretty particular on what we like. I’ll be sewing both of our outfits (at least his, one of my bridesmaids may make mine instead). I’m designing our invitations, programs, and other paper accessories. My father has agreed to officiate. My mother in law is doing the flowers, along with a friend of hers. We will be setting everything up and taking it down. I’m trying to talk my way out of cooking our own food, although I don’t mind providing the drinks (alcoholic and non).

To continue the theme, and because we want something different, we are going to provide activities for adults, as well as children. We’ll have outdoor activities (weather permitting) that include lawn bowling and (possibly) archery. We want a tent for the children shaped like a castle tower, other activities.

I’m really getting excited about all of this. I’m taking notes, and will possibly write further about planning a medieval wedding in my area. To help get an idea, I thought I would provide pictures of where it’s going to take place.

2013-05-08 09.52.49 2013-05-08 10.51.54 2013-05-08 10.51.37 2013-05-08 10.07.21 2013-05-08 10.06.22 2013-05-08 10.03.36 2013-05-08 09.59.14 2013-05-08 09.56.28 2013-05-08 09.55.37


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