Acid Dreams or Inspiration?

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I have a tendency to remember dreams, and nightmares…and acid. No, I’ve never really done drugs, but many of my dreams strike me as weird and sometimes horrific. Like my most recent nightmare was of black widow spiders biting me and laying their nests inside of me. Just remembering that still makes me shudder. However, Last night’s dream felt very real, but it was also obviously a dream.

Probably because it was about vampires. At least that’s what I think they were. Only, they weren’t any kind of vampire that I’d ever seen before. Like some, they can eat regular food, in fact, in my dream that’s all I actually witnessed them eating, although I felt grossed out by the fact that they ate human food.

Still, when I woke, I wrote down everything I could remember of the vampires. The entire dream didn’t really matter since it morphed and changed, as dreams often do.

What really struck me, however, was the emotional roller-coaster that dream took me on. When I woke up, I felt exhausted, my eyes were red and my pillow wet. My conclusion was that I had been crying in my sleep. Even now, 8 hours later, I can feel the heart-rending loneliness that suffused the main “character” (the eyes I happened to be seeing through) felt as she looked out the window towards her past. Well, I’m assuming it was a she, although I could be wrong on that count.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so sad when waking up before. And the more I think about, the sadder I become.

And I’ve thought about it a good deal since waking, trying to find a story in the bits and pieces that filtered through. What did filter through, was a sense of the vampire and immortal. There was a sense of history, and something greater and I could probably write a history on the vampires that were in this dream. That’s how real this was to me. I could describe the texture of stones, the cold water in the “baptismal” chamber, and I can still see the rustic town at sunset as the character looks out the window. But I’m probably overreacting.

I tried to figure out a reason to be dreaming about vampires (the night I dreamed of the spiders I had been watching X-files so that kinda explained it to me because I also dreamed about UFOs), but I can’t figure it out. I haven’t watched anything to do with vampires in over a month, nor have  I read anything about it, and all of my vampire books are put away for the time being.

Then I started thinking about how dreams are supposedly your subconscious’ way of dealing with issues. What does it say about someone who dreams that they become a “vampire” and leave everything they know behind? Or about a person who obsessively reflects on said dream? On the plus side, I got some really good material that I can at least use for background notes, even if there is no story there. I mean…who ever heard of a person becoming a vampire through a test to see if you’re worthy or not?



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5 responses to “Acid Dreams or Inspiration?

  1. Well dang, for that matter, who ever heard of Vampires who sparkled in the daylight instead of bursting to flames and turning to ash?

    I’d be much more interested in this perspective of vampires, especially the regret and sadness angle, than in a sparkly-unicorn version of vampires, personally.

    Also… the subconsious is not directly linear. Sometimes dreams come from a variety of older source material, not just your immediate or most recent experiences.

    • hahaha. Thanks, I needed that. I’ve been obsessing over the dream all day, mostly because it was so sad. It’s kind of pervaded my entire day (I don’t suppose the overcast skies help), and the more I think about it, the more I think there’s got to be a story there.

      You know I didn’t know that about the subconscious. *whew* I’m not that strange.

  2. It does sound like a really good foundation for a story – you have well developed characters already in the making. I’m sure it’s most likely your mind exploring feelings and experiences, not the actual being a vampire. The mind’s a curious instrument.

    Hope you enjoy the writing though 😀

    • Thanks for that. I started outlining characters and detailing spaces today, before I had to go to work. I’m sure you’re right about my mind exploring feelings. Thanks again. And I’ll definitely enjoy the writing. 🙂

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