The Arm Bone’s connected to the…Leg Bone?

An animated gif of a walk sequence.

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This is actually my monthly Walking to Rivendell update. I’m surprised that I got as much walking in as I did considering I took almost an entire week off (and hardly ever walk on weekends to boot). For a quick review: when I started the month I had 435.7 miles to go and would need to maintain 1.3 miles/day for the rest of the year to make my goal.

As for the title, the third week of January I over-extended my right elbow. Ow! Well…I never realized, until that week, just how interconnected the body is. I mean, I knew that the body depends on all parts to continue working correctly, but I had no idea that walking could be excruciating for an arm.  I walked as little as possible that week.

Let me explain. Usually I park about 0.6 -0.8 miles from where I work. The round trip theoretically makes my walk done for the day. So that week, my round trip walk to-and-from work ended up being about half a mile. Up to that point, my daily average was 1.5 miles a day. It ended as 1.06 miles per day with only 402.8 miles until I hit the goal.

Now I need to maintain 1.4 miles/day if I want to meet my goal. I now see that every month (so far) my goal has gone up by 1/10 of a mile,  if I keep this up I’ll need to walk 2.3 every day in November to reach the goal. Yikes. Well, as I said, walking 1.2 miles (to and from work) definitely takes some of the edge off of the need to walk every chance I get, and a 1.5 miles for today is a great start to February. I just hope I can keep it up.


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