Leibster Awards

Okay, I understand this is one day late, but I only got the idea for this on Monday morning, and I wanted to make sure that I gave full credit to those who deserved it.

From December 5th on, I have been awarded two Leibster Awards and have been recognized as a “new find.” To show my appreciation, I would like to bestow awards on others as well. But first, I’d like to share my awards, and the awesome people who bestowed them.

On December 5, Jo Eberhardt, from The Happy Logophile awarded me with a Liebster Ham Steak Heart Award.

On December 7, Connor, from Cities of the Mind, recognized me a new fin.

And finally, on January 20 Snagglewords awarded me with the second Leibster Award.

To all of you, thanks for reading. I’m truly honored to have been given these awards.

I would also like to add that while viewing these awards I had the pleasure of reading blogs that I may not of found otherwise. Further, I had no idea what a Leibster was until I received the awards, but I’m not going to go into the details of what it means.

One more thing before I announce the winners. These are just the ones I’ve enjoyed and read on  a regular basis. They make me laugh, or think, or any number of things.  And, since I have no idea how to check the number of followers, I’m not going to include Leibster in my Award titles.

So the Winners of the Ham Steak Sauce Awards go to:

Stephen of The Undiscovered Author. This person has inspired me not just through his blog but in real life too. This was the first blog I followed, and still read whenever he posts. And it was through his blog that I started to read (and love) many of the other that I follow as well. So for that, this one goes first.

Jo from The Happy Logophile. She has written things both thought-provoking, and hilarious. My second true following went to The Happy Logophile, who shares blogs that she enjoys as well, all of which I had never heard of and probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for her.

And lastly, Tianna from Seven and a Half First Drafts. I don’t believe there has been a post I didn’t enjoy.

Thanks to all of you for the laughter you’ve provided. And the provoking thoughts. And, oops…I  just realized they are all blogs that talk about writing. Ah, well, I guess that means I’m biased. 🙂




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5 responses to “Leibster Awards

  1. Awwww… Thanks. I appreciate it. 🙂 I’m always equally thrilled and surprised when people say nice things about me and my blog. It’s just so nice to have the chance to meet people like you and feel like part of a great community.

  2. Wow! Thank you. Such high praise. 🙂

    Glad you’ve been enjoying my posts!

  3. You have no idea what it means to me when you say that I was an inspiration for you. Thank you. I’m truly happy that I’ve inspired you in a positive way.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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