Breaking Dawn Review

Wall Decor for Breaking DawnIt’s technically a little late, but I thought that I’d write a review of the new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn. I watched this movie last week on Wednesday. And I was going to post then, but decided to take the Thanksgiving holiday off.

I wouldn’t call myself a “fanatic” for the Twilight Saga, but I found her twist on vampires refreshing. It does make sense that  predator would be appealing to its prey. There are examples of this all over nature. That’s only part of the reason I enjoy her books. And I must admit I went to see Twilight as a vampire movie before I’d ever heard of the books, and it was highly enjoyable then. It comes as no surprise that I have enjoyed all the subsequent movies as well. The newest installment is no exception.

*****Spoiler Alert******

This is fair warning: if you haven’t seen the movie, and intend to this will contain some plot details.


The first, and probably the most important, reason that I enjoyed the movie is that it follows the book fairly closely. I re-read the book just prior to watching it, for reference you understand. And I was surprised by how well they followed it. There were some scenes in the novel that I was unsure of how they would present it, because it’s somewhat glossed over in the book, and I wondered if it would be merely suggested in the movie as well. If you’ve read the book, or seen the movie, you’ll know what scene I’m thinking of, and it happens during the honeymoon if you haven’t and don’t intend to.

The next reason I enjoyed was the intensity of it. The book has a lot of tension and it really comes through in the movie. There’s the obvious tension of the relationship triangle. It’s actually made worse by the wedding, rather than relieved as it would first seem. Further, due to the honeymoon, Bella is pregnant. This is why I put in the spoiler alert. The majority of the novel is written while she’s carrying Edward’s child. There’s Bella-Edward tension that was never there before. He wants to kill the child, until he starts hearing its thoughts.

Finally, I enjoyed the movie because it was visually stunning. The scenes from the honeymoon in South America were especially enjoyable. I could probably go on and on about how appealing the movie was in this regard. The forest around Forks always plays well as  a nice backdrop for all the scenes.

Okay, on to what I didn’t like. Well, there wasn’t much of it. I believe Bella should be ripped to pieces and all her pieces burned for even thinking of naming her child Renesme Carlie. It just serves her right what people start calling the poor kid. There’s so much more involved in the wedding and honeymoon than I had imagined from what is in the books, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.




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3 responses to “Breaking Dawn Review

  1. Huh. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about this movie. Sounds like this one maintains the same strengths as the one before, though–the tension, the visuals… I’ll probably just wait ’til it comes to the dollar movies or DVD before I see it, heh.

    BTW, so far do you like the books or the movies better? I haven’t read the books, only seen the movies.

    • It’s a bit of a toss-up for me really. I’m kinda partial to the movies, probably because I saw the first one in the movies first. But there’s so much in the books that you miss in the movies. But they’re not always necessary to get the plot either.
      For example: A big complaint against the Twilight saga I keep hearing is that it’s a stupid relationship. In the book, from Bella’s pov you get that she realizes it’s stupid. It’s mentioned over and over again (it gets a bit repetitive in the first book). But you don’t get that in the movies at all. Again, not really necessary for the plot, but it illustrates the character better.
      So I guess my answer is: I like them both?

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