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Wait a minute…is this a NaNo update on a Monday?!

Okay, Okay. I know I promised updates for NaNo on Wednesdays. But I can no longer keep it in, in fact, I’m writing this one on Sunday so that I can get it all out there. I hit 50K on Saturday. I was up late into the night, partly because of a football game and partly because I was on a writing roll! So not only did I finish the NaNoWriMo mark, but was well ahead of my goal for 75K in one month. All right, yes, I’m excited. It suddenly no longer bothers me that not one person showed up for the write in Saturday (everyone wanted one on weekends, so I make one and no one shows. phht).

Even though 50K wasn’t my goal, it was well ahead of schedule and deserved something to make it special. Well, since I reached that point like around midnight, it was far too late to do something then. I celebrated Sunday with an extra workout, shopping, and general non-writing things.

Then I got back to work. At 10pm, as I write this on Sunday, I’ve written another 2500 words today. My total is now over 52K. My average daily word count is 2,625 words. It will, more than likely, go down on Tuesday, when a promised movie day, which didn’t take place Friday as planned, will happen. However, if my word count doesn’t go down, and my plot goes on as planned, I will have more than 78K for the month of November.  I will also be fairly close to the end, even though the last chapter is already written.

I have been pondering what I will do when the novel is finished, and it will be finished. I have thought about taking a break from it. Writing the prequel that I know I want to write. Then coming back to it. But then again, I’m not sure I want to take the break. I want it finished. I want to edit it. I want to publish it. I think a break is the better way to go, you know, get some perspective. Maybe con someone, I mean, find someone to beta read for me. Huh, perhaps that’s the best way to go. Get someone to beta read while I work on something else. Something entirely different, or the prequel, whichever. Then in January grad school begins. 😀




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7 responses to “50k in 19 days

  1. I definitely advise some cool-down time: take a break, and let your mind get some distance from the finished draft. I find that in the euphoric glow of having just finished a manuscript I’m typically convinced I’ve just written my BEST WERK EVAR!!!! Give it a few weeks or a month or so and then the flaws become clearer. I will also second, third, and fourth the Beta Reader angle. Some writers like to do some editing before sending to Betas… but I personally prefer a few good read-throughs before then, because Betas help me identify problems with plot and story-structure. Usually I have a hint of the problems beforehand, but confirmation and other thoughts from Betas is invaluable. (Now, to be really really technical, though, if there are readers who are reading raw first draft, they’re probably actually “Alpha” readers, but nobody ever talks about Alpha readers, so the term carries no cachet.)

    I’ve come to appreciate a two-stage reading process. Once on the raw draft, then lots of edits by yours truly to create a second or third draft, then once more to make sure everything’s clean and clear.

    Anyway… Congratulations on “Winning” Nano!

    • Thanks. 🙂
      I’m so psyched about my book I want to edit it now. But a cool down period is probably for the best. I’m not entirely sure I want to send out an unedited version of my first draft, but I have at least two people who are on the edge of their seats waiting for it. I think they can wait though, until I’ve finished a quick edit since “Alpha readers” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Beta readers.”
      The characters have etched themselves into my head. I’d kinda like to write the prequel, but I think that may be too much like my novel to give me enough distance. There was a short story I was working on, that got lost somewhere around the beginning of November, it would be refreshing to pick it up again as it’s nothing like the novel in progress.

      • Yeah, I’d go with the short story, or something else that is more unlike your novel, to give you more distance.

        Also, I forgot to mention, I wouldn’t sweat the write-in no-shows. At this point in the NaNoWriMo game, most people either know they’re on track for victory, or they’ve given up. And I suspect there are more in the latter category than the former.

  2. Wow! That’s impressive, Dorothy!

    Yeah, you deserve a break. 😉 Besides, it’s amazing what “fresh eyes” will pick up on, having not looked at the material in over a month or so!

    Oh! And congrats on getting into grad school as well, btw. Don’t know if I ever said that here…

    • Thanks. I was really happy with “finishing” NaNo in that time although I’ve definitely slacked off a bit since I reached the 50k mark. I haven’t quite reached my goal of 75K, and I’d really like to finish the durn thing, partially to prove that I can I think. Part of delving into NaNo was to prove it to myself (I have several stories, zero finished). So until it’s actually done, I don’t think I’ll take a break. But when I am, And I will be the most ecstatic person ever when it happens, then I can take the break.for like a month or longer, but not too long. I have a few short stories that need editing and another that needs finishing so I’ll have time away from the current WiP. Then I’ll edit, then look for beta readers.

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