So Psyched!

A month or so ago, I mentioned that I was applying to grad school. Today, I received the acceptance letter in the mail. I’ll have to admit that I was getting nervous, as January has drawn closer. I went to get the mail, and I flipped through it while at the box and saw the letter.
I can’t even begin to describe the feeling as I ripped open the envelope. The first thing I saw was the signature as the letter was ripped from my hands by the wind. I chased the letter across the lawn and finally caught it next to the fence. I smoothed it out and read the first few words: We are pleased to inform you…and I squealed and jumped. I didn’t have to finish reading the letter to know that it said I was going to Grad School.
In case you are unaware, I applied to the MLIS program. I figured that if I can’t write and publish books, I can at least prepare to have a career surrounded by them. That’s right, even if I never get published, I’ll spend my life around books. It’s a great feeling. You are reading a post by at least a future Library Director (my foci will be in management and automation).
I’m more than excited, I’m psyched. It’s a step in the direction that I truly believe I want to go. I have worked at a library before, and I’m more than just comfortable there, I like it there. I even know that I want to focus my focus on university libraries.
Well, that solved that problem. I’ll be more than happy to have something to do again. I’ve blown past the goals for NaNoWriMo. I’m going to grad school. Now all I need is a phone call telling me I’ve been hired, then life will be perfect. Seriously, that’s all I need: school, a job/career, and a project to write.



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2 responses to “So Psyched!

  1. Congratulations. Good luck with school.

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