11 the nth degree…and Veterans Day

Firstly, Happy (Hug A) Veteran Day. My dad was in the military, so yeah, I hugged a vet today. If you live in the USA, show your appreciation to Vets and those who are still active duty. Say “Thank You,” treat one to lunch, or hug one.

Now for the main event. Today is 11-11-11, something we heard about yesterday, and today, and more than likely, will hear about tomorrow. What is all the buzz surrounding this day? Sure it looks kinda cool. But what is it that is making everyone go…well…bananas?

First the facts. 11-11-11 is a palindrome. We don’t get many of those in the calendar. Even if it is only a palindrome without the first two numbers in the year (the true palindrome comes 11-12-2111). And it only happens once every century. Well guess what…so does every other day.

For numerology lovers today is symbolized by the number six (11+11+11=33, 3+3=6). This day of love, and the heart, and can be seen as a lucky day to get married. I saw on the news (oddly enough at 11 am), that marriages for today are already up in Las Vegas. People have been flooding to Las Vegas to take advantage of this “lucky” day. Walt Disney world is holding 11 weddings today (I suppose to keep the good luck flowing), as well as many ethnic Chinese couples (http://www.globalpost.com/dispatches/globalpost-blogs/weird-wide-web/111111-there-meaning).

It is odd, however that it comes in 2011, which, according to some, is the 11th hour. Many people believe that next year the world will end. I’m not going to go into that right now, but that would make this time we are living in now the 11th hour…that short time between here and the end. This is why I actually wrote this blog. I find it a little odd, just a coincidence to be sure, that this happened.

To me, however odd and “rare” this date, it’s just a day like any other. To many other NaNoers, it’s a day to write for 11 hours straight, a task I find to be impossible because I do have a life, or to write 11,111 words. I’m not sure where they came up with that number since it only has 5 ones in it,  but that too is something I will not achieve today. The only odd thing that happened is that at 11:11 am it was announced over the intercom in the gym that it was “11-11-11-11-11” also oddly enough that started at the 11th second if my clock was on time. But I digress…nothing so far has happened this date. Just like nothing on 10-10-10. The universe doesn’t care about “special” numbers. What will happen will happen. And not because we all have the superstitions that we do about a date. However, I do have one more odd coincidence.

Something odd did happen in 11-11-(19)11: The Great Blue Norther http://www.timeanddate.com/date/11-11.html

So what did you do on this momentous day?



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4 responses to “11 the nth degree…and Veterans Day

  1. I…went to a midnight showing of Immortals with a bunch of guys I didn’t really know (unusual for me, but a coworker invited me), got three hours of sleep, woke up to take my cats into the vet then went to work a few hours later. It was an odd day and I hardly noticed the unusual date, lol.

    But apparently the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was also released yesterday. (One chick who was supposed to show up at the movies didn’t because she wanted to purchase the game at midnight–hence me being the only chick in our little movie group.) In any case, it was inevitable that a few folks in marketing were going to take advantage of 11.11.11 and link it to the release of their products ’cause it’s so easy to remember.

    (Btw, Immortals is about what you’d expect out of a movie made purely for the pleasure of men with a lust for power and unattainable beautiful women, but hey, the popcorn was great.)

    • haha. I was debating about seeing Immortals, not sure if I really wanted to or not. What you’ve told me kinda cemented the not. 🙂
      Yeah, the date was really easy to remember, but when I was the gym, they had the news on and it was the only thing they were talking about. And it about drove me crazy while I was riding the bicycle.
      I mentioned to the girl riding next to me that people were making a big production out of nothing and she agreed. It’s just one day out of a year. But I suppose people need something to believe in. The superstitions I found on the date were too many to list. lol.

  2. Elisa Michelle

    Haha, yeah, 11/11/11 was a great day for me. I got food poisoning. Yay.

    Can the universe bring me something better on a good luck day next time?

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