Wednesday Word Count

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Wednesdays in November will be my word count days. I’ll blog about my thoughts on nano, if I’m keeping up with my goals, as well as giving the down low on what happened at the write ins.  This is to help keep me honest. Which I’m gonna need over the coming month.

Nano is going great.I’m still conflicted on whether or not this is insane, but I’m finding the challenge enjoyable. I’ve been writing in the morning, job hunting in the afternoon, and spending time with family and friends in the evening. All told, I think I have full days. But I get to do something I loved while still having time to do the things I have to do. Also, I’m keeping time in between (although I’m unsure how) to exercise. Life is definitely looking up. Insane? More like genius with a twist of crazy. 🙂

According to the counter, I am well on my way to making 50K by the end of the month. In fact, if I keep up my average, about 2,300 Words per day, I’ll finish on November 23rd. However, this will not meet my goal of 75K. I need to step up my average by 500 words a day (leaves me about 800 words to go today). I have a short-term goal of 30K by the end of the week. I know that meeting a goal goes much better, and easier, if there is a reward. Mine is that I get to geek out on Twilight with my dad next Friday (We’re going to watch all three movies so far, and then go to the movies!) without having to worry about writing. If I don’t meet said goal, I’ll have to write while watching movies, and still keep up my average. I’ll still see the movies, but the experience will be much better if I don’t have to worry about meeting a writing goal.

Today marks the first day of the write-ins that I scheduled. I was unsure how many would show up since I only gave two days’ warning, but three others came and we had a blast. Three WordWars gave a jump-start to my word count for the day by 1600 words. Each WordWar was 15 minutes in length. Afterwards, we drew which goal it was. It was drawn afterwards to encourage writing fast, but also well. There was a prize for least number, most, and closest to 500. We shared writing ideas, and got to know each other. Over all it was a great success for such a short time frame, and I’m expecting more to show up next week.




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2 responses to “Wednesday Word Count

  1. Ha! I had a sudden burst of inspiration last night, writing another 2K before I went to bed. Woohoo! So now I’m on track for meeting my goal of 75K before the end of the month.

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