Writing Insanity

I’m so totally psyched! Because of NaNoWriMo…and I’m well ahead of schedule. 🙂

Most writers know that November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short). This has got to be the most insane, and perhaps brilliant, idea to grace the writing scene. I’m not sure who came up with the idea, but they were either crazy or a genius. This is the month that, theoretically, you could write an entire novel. The downside, you probably don’t have time for anything else in your life. There is a numerical goal–50,000, although I’ve upped the ante I want to write 75,000 this month.

Why did I do that? Considering it’s my first time participating in this event, upping the word count seems like a pretty silly idea. However, I’ve written before and I know what I’m capable of. I can do a lot in a single day…4,00o words a day on the weekends. But writing a novel is only part of the experience. The other half of the experience is all the people who are getting involved. Chatting with people online and participating in forums is one thing, but lacks human communication.

Enter the second half of NaNoWriMo…the write in. My biggest problem with this is the fact that I live in a small town. The closest city that deserves its own forum is almost two hours away! Totally unfair. I joined that forum, but was unhappy there. Then, while I was puttering around with nothing to do, cruising the regions…I suddenly found one listed “Elsewhere” So now I live in Elsewhere! Inside that forum every city on the map (that doesn’t have its own forum) has its own thread. Yay for smalltownsville. Okay…technically where I live isn’t in there, but the town next to where I live does. When I entered this group the thread consists of everyone saying how they’d love to go to a write in. But someone has to start that.

There are 15 people participating in this thread. One person suggested they might host an event. One day passes…it becomes one week. Nothin doin. That’s what I did today. In addition to looking for a job, exercising, writing 2K words for my nanovel, I also went around town to set up different write ins. I arranged one for University students on campus on the weekend. One at night for those who need nights. Another weekend job for those who work 9-5 (and still want to participate). Five total. Was this hard? No. I found places that would be good for each one, went to those places and obtained permission. I emailed the moderator with my schedule and an hour later it was up for all to see. I don’t understand why no one else would take the lead. I’ve never participated before, let alone attended a write in. I have no idea what goes on.

This is where my ingenuity comes in. In addition to WordWars (we have those on the forums) I can bring word games for the procrastinators: Scrabble, word finds, etc. In addition, since I had like…no trick-or-treaters I have 5 lbs of candy sitting at home begging to be eaten. Can anybody say “Prizes?” And who doesn’t like candy? So I can help facilitate participation while also emptying the house of caloric black holes. Woot! In fact, I have also come up with ideas for getting rid of more candy and “testing” the participants on what kind of music they like. If they listen to pop, rock, techno, whatever they get different kinds of candy. Well…I’m going to get more punishment 🙂 If you are a participant this year, good luck. If not, keep writing anyway.



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5 responses to “Writing Insanity

  1. Well, good luck! 50,000 words in a month, by itself, is pretty ambitious. I couldn’t do it; not at this point in my life (pursuant to the constraints I have on my time). 75K is truly, highly ambitious. So good luck and good luck again.

    And kudos on taking the lead to organize the write-ins. I’ve never participated in NaNo (see above statement about constraints on time; i.e. over the past half-dozen years: day-job, day-job, school, family, day-job and a little day-job thrown in for good measure), so I’ve never been to one of these write-ins. But it sounds like a fun way to make writing more of a social expression than the solitary one it so normally is.

    • I know having constraints on time (last few years…school and jobs for me as well) makes it harder to participate. But I figured that I had nothing going on now, so I could do something. I’m sitting at not quite 20,000, though I’m hoping to break 30K by the end of the week. Thanks for good luck, something tells me I’m gonna need it.
      Well, as the first write in is done, it went well. Four people showed up and we had a blast (as bonus I got rid of Halloween candy!) And during the two hours we were gathered, I wrote almost 2k words. WordWars are definitely a way to push yourself to writing more. My last set I wrote 600 words in 15 minutes…mind you this is the scene that I started the novel for so I knew exactly how it was going to go and I didn’t go back and delete anything because it flowed like I’ve been writing, and rewriting in my head all week. 🙂

  2. snagglewordz

    Hi dwwriter, thanks for the ping-back 🙂 With organisational skills and great ideas like yours (aka, ‘just-do-it’ attitude) you sound like a future NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison (ML)! I went to my first ever write-in today and it was great. I don’t think the group will be running out of candy anytime soon either…what happened to all the trick or treaters this year?! Good luck with your goal of 75k!

    • Thanks for the luck! While I’m well ahead of counter for 50k, I believe I’m slightly behind for the 75k. I may look into the NaNoWriMo ML in the future. The write in went very well. We all had fun, and had a productive writing session (thanks to three WordWars).
      Good luck in your NaNo goals as well. And have fun at the Write ins.

  3. theladyinredink

    Sounds like so much fun! Thanks for linking to my NaNoWriMoLament–and best of luck with your NaNovel! 🙂

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