Review of the last Harry Potter Movie

Last night, around 9 I got in a line that wouldn’t move for over an hour. It wasn’t supposed to move for two hours, but I suppose the management worried about the people in a rainy line. I went to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. The atmosphere of the people in line was amazing, that’s the real reason for going to go see it at the midnight showing. People staging “fights” with wands, dressed up like their favorite character, no kidding I saw 5 different Bellatrix Lestranges.

The Harry Potter franchise has set up the audience for an awesome movie, each one getting better and better. They filmed the last two movies simultaneously, makes sense since it is one book, but I suppose a four-hour movie is asking a bit much, even from die-hard fans.

This movie continues the trend toward darker themes and tones. There is, after all, a war going on. With that, of course, comes death, and some serious action scenes.  It’s about doing what has to be done, and stepping up to your full potential; even if you weren’t even aware of how much that included. It’s not just the themes that are a bit dark, the tones throughout the movie remain dark, continuing what was seen in Part I. It’s expected that night visuals will be darker, but even during the day everything is dark. From the clothing, to the lighting, to the scenery, everything remains dark, grey and ominous.

The graphics are stunning in this movie. Massive views of armies. Sweeping scenery at the castle. Even though everything may be shaded, the visuals more than make up for it. There are also great pyrotechnics, as would be expected from those dueling with wands. There’s so much CGI in this film, and if I hadn’t seen the behind-the-scenes glimpse during a Larry King show, I would never have known exactly how much CGI there is. And the best part? It still feels so real.

There are some scenes, that, while they keep fairly well within the characters, do not make an appearance in the book. For book worms like me, that almost always rankles. However, there are two specific scenes that aren’t pictured in the book (both take place fairly close together toward the end) that illustrate one of the talking points earlier: characters living up to their full potential, even if they (or anyone else) expect it. These two scenes are very well done, and keep in with the characters. While they aren’t pictured, they are explained to Harry after the fact. Overall,

My biggest beef with the movie, actually with all of the movies is Harry’s eyes. They make a big deal out of the eyes, as they are supposed to. His eyes are just like his mother’s eyes. Her eyes are green (both read and seen in one of the movies). His eyes are a bluish-gray. I hate, hate, hate that. And for that reason, I’ll never be able to give these movies a perfect 10. There are just some things you don’t mess with. And there are such things as color-only contacts. Now that I’ve ranted, you get a lot of up close shots where his eyes are very visible, especially when (once again) someone comments on his eyes being like his mothers. He has nice eyes. They’re just the wrong color. Okay, rant over.

Now onto the other things that were wrong with the movie. Mostly, this relates to filler. Every movie has it. Scenes that neither add to character or move the plot forward. It’s expected, and it appears. However, it is fairly minimal. There are scenes that do not fill either category just mentioned, but do add to the tone of the movie. They could have been cut, but why bother? They already cut so much, and while it may be unclear now exactly how much, we can figure out which scenes they cut and why when it comes out on DVD.

I’m going to give this movie 9 out of 10. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the movie and this one scores so much higher than a couple of the other HP movies, however, there were just some things that didn’t jive with my personal reading of the story. That may be why I prefer reading to watching. I like  using my imagination. Now, when I read the books, if I picture Harry I’ll always see Dan Radcliffe. And I’m not sure I like that. Now, raise your hand if you can’t wait for the full 8-movie boxed set.



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2 responses to “Review of the last Harry Potter Movie

  1. Curious, since it’s been a good long while since I read the books, which two scenes were not in the book?

    • The two scenes that were not in the book are: 1) Ron’s actually speaking Parseltongue and 2) Stabbing the diadem with a basilisk fang. The first part is mentioned and when questioned Ron says that he’s heard Harry speak Parseltongue often enough and not that Harry talks in his sleep (I believe that line was added for humor). The second part is that the lost diadem of Ravenclaw was “killed” by the Hellfire that one of Draco’s lackeys started. Hellfire is a cursed fire and was able to, therefore, kill the part of Voldemort’s soul.
      Also, although it doesn’t bother me as much, is that when Harry is on his way to face Lord Voldemort, he tells Neville (not Ron and Hermione) to kill the snake and it’s when Voldemort calls for the people in the castle to kneel before (and Neville refuses) that the sorting hat is placed on Neville’s head, and he is set on fire. The sword does come from the hat and Neville does kill the snake, just like in the movie. And that was what was important so…yeah. Not as much, but Harry witnesses the strike before trying to kill Voldemort.
      Another thing that irked me is that in the previous movies (and all the books) Voldemort is unaware, and can’t really feel, the horcruxes when they “die.” Not as much as the eyes issue I assure you, but still something that doesn’t really happen.

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