Happy 4th plus Mythological Monday!

Eirene (Peace) bearing Plutus (Wealth), Roman ...

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To all those in the USA: Happy 4th of July!

Flag of the United States of America

And a special note to all those in the military: Thanks for serving us!

I now proclaim the first monday of every month to be Mythological Monday.

Today, I’ll talk about the greek goddess Eirene; the goddess of peace. It seems fitting way to honor the day.

Who: Eirene (sometimes Irene)

What: Goddess of peace (pax) and spring. One of the three Horai the goddesses of the seasons and keepers to the gate of Heaven.

When and where: Ancient Greece, a temple was erected in her honor by the Emperor Vespasian (between 69 and 79 AD)

How: She is often portrayed with her two sisters, bearing the fruits of each season, or with a child in her arms: Ploutos (wealth). Her face is also found on coins.

 Why: Peace is important, not just to countries, but to writers. As writers we need to be able to make peace with ourselves. It’s okay to let things slide once in a while, and don’t beat ourselves up when things aren’t going our way. Writers need to be at peace with what they write as well. It’s okay to not have a perfectly polished gem on the first go-round. That’s what editing is for. The work also needs to be at peace with itself, at least before its sent off to the publisher. It flows naturally, without contradicting information. So this monday, remember to be at peace with yourself, and your work.


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